Do You Really Want that Change?

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It’s almost a week since the Israeli elections and I do not intend to go political on you, so no worries.

I am simply still a bit floored at how much the results mean that nothing at all has changed in the political/ governmental arena as many had hoped.

So it brings me to this question: “Do we really want change?”.

I think that many of us do have desire for change, but that deep inside, we have not done the preparation work for “The Morning After”.

What happens if we really manifest what we want?

Do we have the foundation, container and the wisdom to know which way to go now on our paths?

We invested so much time asking for change, but probably, because the results are showing us so, not enough attention to creating the inner environment to sustain the new path.

That is our work now, on both a personal  and collective level, because if the outside is not what we expected or want, then we have to do more work on the inside so that my outer environment will match up.

This is how I help people change their present situation, gently from the inside out.

Gently because if the shift is too sudden, we tend to get scared and retract or step back.

From the inside because everything on the outside is a reflection of the inside, as much as it pains us sometimes.

So it’s back inside to do the inner work to create a foundation for the outer shift, which by the way is happening all over the place, so fret not, lol!

We just need to continuously count our blessings to reconnect to what IS on track.

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Wishing you the focus and quiet to hear and feel your innermost voice,

Love and Blessings,

Rhonda Joy

Copyright Rhonda Joy Eagle, 2015