The Nine Stargate Initiation for Women and Women’s Sweatlodge

milky way pathTake the opportunity to become freer to be who you are and walk fully on the unique path of your personal life purpose

Women of Vision: Are you moved to express your unique gifts and talents?  Do you ache to see the world into a future of love and cooperation? If so, we invite you to take this next logical step.

The Nine Stargate Initiation is an offering of Grace gifted to us by the Ascended Masters. It is to help us to embody the Divine Feminine as a way of co-creating a new, balanced order in the world. This allows us to become empowered as females and to take on our role as caretakers of the feminine energy of humanity. It is a miracle of remembrance to awaken the relationship between a woman and her divine mother.

 I work with a Council of Grandmothers that carries this body of vibration. They are the advisers of this process.  Its purpose is to clear the patterns and trauma of 5 generations of mothers back and to make room for the Divine Mother to live within us more deeply as we walk the Earth as incarnated Female Human Beings at this immense time of opportunity and shift.

The purpose of this is to anchor more of the Divine Feminine on the Planet at this time, in order to establish a balanced Feminine-Masculine Matrix, helping to dissolve more and more of the polarity and pain caused by a dominant patriarchy and a withdrawn matriarchy.

I act as a Priestess of the Queen of Heaven and along with the Divine Mother, they place Sacred Geometric Light Codes into my hands which I then insert, using Sound and Breath,  into each of the women’s Nine Chakras (from the Base to the Galactic Chakra, the base anchoring us into the Heart of Mother Earth and the Galactic into the heart of the Galaxy.

Each code is personal to each woman. The Mother will also give me a word or song code to say or sing to the recipient as we proceed with each Chakra and each installation.

Each woman  receives insights for herself. During my initiation, I deeply connected with a group of Lemurian Priestess sisters of mine who work with me every day and connect me to my Lemurian/Pleiadian origins and family. it’s very individual and wonderful.

At the end of the initiation, I then teach a Sound Meditation that is meant to be practiced daily for 99 days in order to cultivate the light codes and to help them establish themselves more and more deeply into the women’s Human Energy Field and Cells. As this happens, more and more insights come through daily and deeper inner and outer shifts come alive.

We will then follow with a Women’s Sweatlodge to deeply anchor the codes within our cells and DNA.

The Initiation will be facilitated by myself, Rhonda and the sweatlodge by Rhonda and Prema Shakti.

When:                 June 12, 2014

Where:                Moshav Almagor

Cost:                    320 NIS (please call for an early registration discount)

To Register:, 052 2985416  

Rhonda Joy Eagle is a body/mind therapist and Shamanic Sound Healer, specializing in the treatment of trauma and related physical and emotional pain. She incorporates personal empowerment, energy psychology and cutting edge vibrational techniques, including EFT, Somatic Experiencing, Sound and Voice as a vehicle for deep and lasting healing along with Shamanic practices.