Crystalline Matrix Sound Healing

Discover Your Soul Song

With Crystalline Matrix Sound Healing

Take this opportunity to discover your soul-song – the one that brings you home every moment of every day. The sound that is your essence and that connects you to the wisdom and divinity within and around you.

Our planet is changing at record speed. As human beings, we are being stepped up vibrationally and on the cellular level to allow more light and information into our systems. (See Beacons of Light, Jan, 2011).

At this workshop we use sound and movement to facilitate this cellular shift. This will be followed by the creation of our new crystalline matrix, based on sacred geometry. Discover the sounds that are the building blocks of all the root languages on our planet. These sounds hold sacred codes within them that can open our hearts and minds. In a safe space of creativity, cooperation, and love, we will become attuned to each other and learn to hold space and discern each other’s needs with greater sensitivity than ever before.

View my interview with Alan Steinfeld of to get acquainted with this work:

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Much Love,

Rhonda Joy