Crystalline Matrix Sound Healing Rewiring Process:

A therapy package comprising 5 in-depth sessions that reprogram and reset your body and mind to achieve improved physical and emotional  function, stability and clarity. This process reflects, supports and facilitates the many planetary and cosmic changes happening during these very sped up times.

Crystalline Matrix Sound Healing Individual Sessions:

This work resolves long standing issues on all levels, including physical, emotional and psychological. It also primes our energy blueprint with the new patterns that we can now embody in this amazing time of quickening human development. We use sound and bio-energetics to awaken our new patterns, help them to stabilize and ground them in our bodies.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy:

Very gentle fine tuned energy and touch to release both the cranial bones and the sacrum to facilitate smooth flow of the cerebral-spinal fluid throughout and within the brain/spinal cord system. This releases energy to then create flow and balance, facilitating improved focus, concentration, posture, stress relief and centering. It is especially effective in issues relating to ADHD/ADD , digestion, orthopedic problems, migraines and headaches,  emotional swings, PMS and menopause, as well as general lack of direction and focus.

Soul Discovery Individual Sessions:

Unveil your innate, unique special qualities and quickly learn how to apply them in your day to day life to gain focus, vibrant health, a new zest for life and apply your talents in a way you could never attain until now. Learn how to apply the law of attraction to affect real change and raise your vibration to a manageable and sustainable level.

Ancestral and Past Life DNA Reprogramming Sessions:

Release deep fear, addiction, trauma and avoidance behavior by resolving ancestral and past life pain in a simple and gentle process. Realize your talents and gifts and freely share them with yourself and the world. Find your life path and passion.*

*this process can be incorporated with any of the above methods

Soul Discovery, Soul Recovery 6 week Empowerment Program:

Step up your life while releasing what no longer serves you. Create order and calm in your life. Create a focused, precise Vision Statement to zero into your most desired, energetic, enthusiastic life desires and learn how to plan and manifest it.  Find your inner gifts and resources and develop a reliable way to connect to them at all times. Create new energy and neural pathways with the assistance of sound and vibration.