Meet Rhonda Joy

Rhonda Joy Eagle is a body/mind therapist, personal growth consultant and author, specializing in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and long standing physical issues, incorporating personal growth and empowerment processes. She has been in practice for over 20 years, using a meld of techniques uniquely blended for each individual client. 

Rhonda specializes in connecting people to their own inner wisdom through individual sessions, group ceremonies and methods that tap into cellular memory that teaches us more about who we are and why we have come to the Planet.

A Certified Complementary Practitioner, Rhonda is trained in reflexology, cranio- sacral therapy, applied kinesiology, Somatic Experiencing®, EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and has trained with sound and voice teachers worldwide, facilitating the development of Crystalline Matrix Vibrational healing, a cutting edge re-calibration method affecting the human psyche, emotions and biology, partnered with the energies of the amazing shift in consciousness occurring on the planet at this time.

Where I Come From
Having grown up in North America until the age of twelve when I moved to Israel with my family, I have been given the opportunity to become a part of two very different cultures.

I am the mother of four beautiful, mature human beings. My children have been amazing teachers and companions. They are each a universe of personality, wisdom and uniqueness.  I never cease to marvel at the gifts they give the world just by being themselves.

Finding Spiritual Family
Community has always been important to me. 
Along with this, I have been active in the ceremonilal world, in which retrieving the lost parts of soul is a major part. I have been trained to help people reclaim lost parts in a sacred, honouring way and serve as a guide in these processes.

This has re-awakened a deep knowing and understanding of the transformational world of vibration and sound within me!

My Mission
My mission is to help people develop a sense of belonging in their own being, of being unique and valuable and appreciated. To find an inner place to which they can always go – for their own inner council, to regroup, to evaluate and to realign with their purpose. This has a profound effect on them and everyone around them. I have seen people release both physical and emotional pain from the deepest parts of themselves, freeing them to truly and deeply be themselves and to discover their life purpose, or to at least begin to carve a unique path for themselves.

I know that people want to find new ways of leading peaceful, meaningful lives, not just lives dedicated to survival. We can all be a part of this as we learn to co-create something new – together. In learning how to interact beyond the boundaries of race, culture and gender, we see how valuable each and every one of us is to humanity and the planet.

I dedicate my time and intentions towards contributing to the greater good, not only as a teacher, but as a companion, as we learn together to take steps to reconnect and see each other as human beings on a living planet. I can contribute from my life experience, as a mother, as a woman and as a fellow human being. My intention is to hold the space for others to achieve their visions and to contribute in their own unique way, with the fewest bumps in the road as possible.

How You Can Benefit
Having experienced the hardship of finding my way with, at times very little guidance, I have develop a reliable system that helps you to focus and discover the essential parts of yourself, release what no longer serves you and create the circumstances to improve your life to its absolute best.


Wishing you days of beauty, joy and miracles,


Rhonda Joy