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If any of you have been thinking of using Rhonda Joy Eagle’s services, I HIGHLY recommend her. A while ago when she offered us all a session, I took her up on it and all I can say is WOW! I discovered, with Rhonda’s help, that I had never actually grieved for the loss of … Read more


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I was very lucky to choose Rhonda as my therapist. Out of a large variety, my intuition lead me to her, and I’m very grateful for that. I came to Rhonda following PTSD (Post-Traumatic Sindrome Disorder) symptoms after a traumatic experience while serving the army. Following the symptoms, I disconnected myself from almost everything I … Read more


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Thank you so much for my session with you!  It was wonderful and truly served to make me more aware of and tuned into my tendency to be ungrounded and airy.  AND when we did the session I was really ungrounded, having just woken up 15 minutes prior (and we know that when we sleep … Read more


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When you sang, I felt my whole body wanting to stand up and dance with each vibration that was coming out of your song. It was so beautiful that I did not feel like singing with it but listen to it with my body; it was so angelic that it freed me to let go … Read more


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I am honoured to meet Rhonda, I came to meet through a mutual friend. I was invited by Pearl, to listen to an interview give by Eliyahu on an internet radio. we listened in to the replay. Many parts of the talk were an eye opener to me,  giving understanding of the changes to occur to our conciousness and the planet. during the interview Rhonda sang … Read more


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It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with Rhonda over the past few years. She works on a profoundly deep level, focused, and clear. Rhonda is a lovely, charming and sensitive woman and provides a loving space for inner work and personal growth in a variety of modalities. She focuses quickly on the … Read more


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Rhonda JOY Eagle is just that. Pure JOY. JOY is right. Rhonda sang me my soul song… Soooooo amazing. Wonderfully kind and so in tune with you, pun intended. You can’t help but smile when you hear her .sing She has managed to bring Joy into my life during a particularly dark and difficult time. … Read more