The Path of Least Resistance

path of least resistance
Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed with the events happening in your life?

Do you feel that you not only can’t keep up by also can’t calm down enough to relax?

Would you like to find a way to be at Peace with it all?

Yes, it’s definitely a dilemma as to how to move with ease and grace in these turbulent times.

Sometimes it feels like we are all in the midst of the planetary or human turmoil and that there is no respite.

Many of you may feel that your inner rhythm is much slower than the pace on the outside and that it creates a conflict in your being. So much is being asked of you in terms of activity on the outside while the inside needs quality quiet time.

So how can you resolve the need to attend to immediate things and being in a calm inner flow at the same time?

Recently, one of my clients had this exact same conundrum.
What we did was to actually embrace the conflict, letting it know that it is seen and not trying to eradicate it.

What then happened was so beautiful.

The message that was received was so simple. It was that all is well, and that there is no need to stress over the stress!
It sounds funny and maybe too simplistic, but it really smoothed things out enormously.

The message is to meet resistance, conflict or pain with your own simple presence.
That is all that is needed to allow for the slight shift that smoothes it all out.

More and more I am understanding that it is not always necessary to fix what is out of order, but rather meet with it and acknowledge it, while allowing a more harmonious pattern to manifest.

The Path of Least Resistance or No Resistance is where the deepest shift can occur with little or no effort.

Sometimes it is worthwhile to wait for the impulse to take action to arise, which is an indication that circumstances are ready for things to readjust and shift.

So really, All IS Well and the more we trust in that, the easier our lives become!

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Wishing you trust and flow,

Love and Blessings,

Rhonda Joy

Copyright Rhonda Joy Eagle, 2015