Society, Integrity and Your Soul

One is unique
What do you do when you see an injustice that does not fit with the norms of a certain society?

Do you do nothing, cluck your tongue or do you become active?
There are issues that have been coming to my attention a lot lately and that is the norms of a society, integrity, and one’s soul’s wisdom of justice and rights.

One would be an incestuous relationship between father and daughter being denied by the welfare authorities, another would be the total misinterpretation and circulation of a private video, causing truly innocent and beautiful people to be shunned by their community, and another would be Ultra-Orthodox women wanting a seat in the Knesset the Israeli parliament.

Every single scenario is an abomination to the system in place. All have caused so much pain for all parties, needless to say.

So what happens when you see and feel such an injustice when your soul knows that something is way out of alignment?

Do you go out to the streets and demonstrate? Do you butt up against the system?

Sometimes that is the thing to do, yes.

At other times, from my observation, the resistance itself to the injustice is what keeps it in place.

It keeps the issue alive and kicking.

I dare say that there is another way to approach what may appear so twisted to society.

The way I have seen that really works to shift such an engrained pattern is to meet the wound that has created the situation. These are human wounds that most of us carry either personally or generationally, meaning someone in our ancestral line has carried it in the past. In a way, all of us carry the same fundamental human wounds, so we can access each of them from within ourselves.

I suggest inviting this universal wound to the fore and to ask it how it needs support, rather than trying to kill it off or banish it. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, will allow itself to be annihilated without a struggle.

By inviting the wound to speak and by letting it know that it is finally seen, it knows (yes, everything is conscious) that it can now allow for a change to come and to relax.

More often than not, everything will soften and clarity will begin to come through.

We all want to feel safe, seen and heard. Our wounds are no different, whether personal, generational or collective.

As soon as we feel seen and heard, a veil of protection is felt and a sense of Peace comes through.

So next time you feel that you are in a deep struggle with no way out, let the struggle know that you are willing to acknowledge it. Ask it what it needs to feel safe. Breathe and trust. The shift Will come. If you would like help in creating order and clarity in your life, I invite you to a 30 minute complementary “From Chaos to Clarity” session that will help things fall into place and for flow to return to your life. Just drop me a line here with your time zone and we’ll set it up:

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Wishing you Clarity and Compassion when life challenges you and your beliefs,

Love and Blessings,

Rhonda Joy

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