We All Have a Past To Heal

past hurts
Yes, each of us has a past to heal.

When we meet each other, we also meet a whole package of past hurts, traumas and anxieties.

When we meet, we immediately get an impression of the other person.

We feel, in our own bodies and energy fields, the way in which this person carries himself through life.

Then, most of the time, we tend to judge this person based on this fleeting meeting.

We so often forget that we all live in the same soup of energy resonating with people’s hurts, insults, traumas, anxieties and yes, passions and joys thankfully.

We forget that just by passing by someone in crisis, our energy fields can instantly take on some of that traumatic vibration, which we then take home with us.

Remember, everything is vibration and we resonate with our environment.

Then we wonder what happened that day and why we came home irritable and angry.

I recently had the most amazing time with a dear friend and teacher, who reminded me how crucial it is to not only stay centered and focused in my own being, but also to find ways to clear the accumulated energies that tend to attach to my energy field as I move through life.

So this also brings us to the issue of the need for protection.

I find that the best “protection” is holding myself in a field of love, (God’s, the Creator’s, the Universe), meaning inviting the vibration of love to infuse me and envelope me.

This is not only beneficial to me personally, but it also allows others who may be having a hard time to begin to taste the resonance of love by being in my proximity. When I consciously function in a field of love, I tend to have the most lovely (yes, lovely) encounters and connections with people.

So it’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

So next time you feel the anxiety and tension in another person, perhaps you can take a breath for both of you and invite the Healing Power of Love to take over.

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Wishing you lovely days of Heartfelt connections,

Love and Blessings,
Rhonda Joy

Copyright Rhonda Joy Eagle, 2014