Do You Have Enough Color in Your Life?


Do You Need More Color in Your Life?

Do you have enough color in your life?
How much is enough?

Are you aware of what the use of different colors generates in your every day experience?

Color is not only pretty and varied; it also affects so much of our experience in so many interesting ways.

Color is an expression of vibration and light frequency, which directly affects our physical, emotional and mental function in a profound way.

Because we are vibratory beings and all of our functions are both an expression of vibration and generators of constantly changing vibration and form, color plays an important role in all of it.

Your choice of a particular color to wear is affected by so many variables, such as mood, memory, emotional attachment and mental ideas which in turn, when wearing a particular item, continue to affect your energy field with certain properties for the entire time you wear that item.

So what are your favorite colors?
Have they changed since you were a child?
Do you wear different combinations today?

Notice the colors that you do NOT involve in your life.

When you think of them or see them, how are you affected?

Is there a color that you would like to begin incorporating, which literally means to embody, by the way, into your experience?

If you would like to see how to get started with a new color shift in your life, drop me a line and we will set up a 30 minute complementary “Get Your New Color On” session. Just send me your time zone here:


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