Thank you so much for my session with you!  It was wonderful and truly served to make me more aware of and tuned into my tendency to be ungrounded and airy.  AND when we did the session I was really ungrounded, having just woken up 15 minutes prior (and we know that when we sleep we leave our bodies) and had not been employing my usual regular grounding technique.  Since you brought my attention to it, I have been grounding regularly and being conscious of feeling myself in my body.  I have also been taking some time to do lymphatic facial massage a few times a week (self done) and be much more conscious of being in my body when working out and stretching.

Besides being so insightful, the session was totally yummy to experience!  It felt so delicious hearing you tone my soul song creating a huge warm expansive energy in my Heart Center.  Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful session, connection and channeling.  It was amazing to meet and experience myself in this way!


– Amy Flynn