It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with Rhonda over the past few years.

She works on a profoundly deep level, focused, and clear.

Rhonda is a lovely, charming and sensitive woman and provides a loving space for inner work and personal growth in a variety of modalities.

She focuses quickly on the area needing attention and selects the appropriate technique accordingly.

Following a car accident with headand neck injuries Rhonda treated me for 4 months with Somatic Experiencing for trauma.

We were together for the first visit only, but because we lived three hours apart all the subsequent visit were on the phone.

I was amazed and delighted that she could “tune in” without seeing me.

I felt held and loved by her reassuring voice, patience, warmth and clarity.

She intuitively sensed how close to the edge we could go and during the most vulnerable period of my life I felt completely safe.

Rhonda works on the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and vibrational levels.

She is an excellent therapist, guide, facilitator and teacher.

Tobey Yanai,

August 2011