I am honoured to meet Rhonda, I came to meet through a mutual friend.

I was invited by Pearl, to listen to an interview give by Eliyahu on an internet radio. we listened in to the replay.

Many parts of the talk were an eye opener to me,  giving understanding of the changes to occur to our conciousness and the planet.

during the interview Rhonda sang a song . A physical sensation covered my body to a climax in the brain area. an experience i have never known before.

Some time after the interview Pearl and I decided to record the musical parts and listen to them in meditation.

while meditating the sensations reoccurred. only now i have sensed a change in my body. something i cannot explain. I feel more grounded. and yet lighter. I have gained a confidence that i am going home.

now I practice my meditation daily to twice daily. and enjoy the new me.

I am grateful. thank you.

LOVE and Peace


August 2011